Counseling of persons with disabilities: how does it work?

Counseling of persons with disabilities: how does it work?

The counseling is present in variety of sets and procedures. The only purpose of the counseling is to help the people who deserve the help due to some disabilities. The professionals who are working in this field promote the awareness among the disable people about the basic human rights they have. Although, counseling is not an easy job yet there are many people who are involved in this field.

Types of Counseling of persons with disabilities:

There are many types of counseling that are commonly employed to create the awareness about the human rights and funds that are especially for the disable people. The counseling starts from the school level. At the school level the disable students are promoted and they are given opportunities to find many things for them allowed or announced by the government and different private agencies. Working disabilities are also important types that should be mentioned in this article. The people who cant work because some disabilities are given financial aids and funds by the governments so they can meet with their daily expenses including educational, trade and medical care expenses.


There are some assessment tests that are used by the counselors in order to assess the eligibility of the people to get some vocational and rehabilitation funds and aids. Governments use to support such disable people because they need special care and attention. In order to provide them care general assessment tests are taken by the counselors so it becomes easy for the counselors to find the eligibility of the people.

Case management, advocacy and support:

The disable people needs proper care and support so good advocacy is required to handle their cases. Case management is very important as it helps the rehabilitation authorities and officers to find the eligible people for the financial aids and rehabilitation funds.


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