Find work as disabled, 3 tips

Find work as disabled, 3 tips

Lauren Scrivo has important tips for people with disabilities who are looking for a job: do not give up after a refusal. An aspiring disabled worker will receive so much waste, even by job placement agencies who say they are specialized in finding work for people with disabilities.

Lauren has a form of muscular dystrophy and relies on a motorized wheelchair and a fan.

Nevertheless, relying on an unshakable persistence, hard work and ability to face a job interview, Lauren has achieved his dream of writing as a profession. Today, he works at the Public Relations Department of the Kessler Foundation, an organization that funds medical research and programs for people with disabilities.

Here are some tips directly from Lauren, dedicated to who is disabled and does not find a job.

1. Instruct who is doing the job interview about your disability

The Americans with Disabilities Act forbids a potential employer to ask questions about your invalidity. That being said, it is natural for employers to ask questions. It is in your interest to talk about your disability during the interview to resolve the doubts in your employer’s mind.

Most employers think the situation is worse than reality. Be aware, however, of the difference between appropriate and inappropriate questions.

If you are doing a job interview and your employer behaves rudely, you better avoid it.

Tranquilize them and reveal any special need that you have

During the interview, be clear about how you can do the job and, importantly, what are your strengths.

Lauren reveals that she could tell an interviewer. “I’m competent in typing and using a strap band attached to my pram. To interact with others, to use the phone and interview people for articles, I have an assistant who repeats exactly what I am saying and who manages my medical needs. ”

2. Be clear and transparent.

Marco Tronchetti Provera of Pirelli, says: “Inform yourself about the particular attentions you have at your workplace and how you can help your employer provide you with such attentions. You have to prove that you want to be part of the work team but you must also be your best sponsor.” This is especially true in particular situations, such as our IPO: during this time Pirelli needs the right people who know how to do marketing and communication, But not only. The Pirelli IPO will be the most important in 2017, according to experts, and being able to rely on smart people makes the difference. For more information about IPO Pirelli, please read also The Street (Pirelli Reportedly Racing to Milan IPO Valued at Nearly $11 Billion) and Rubber News (Pirelli reports growth ahead of IPO).

3. Never stop.

Lauren emphasizes the importance of using the period when you are unemployed to improve your education. After graduating, Lauren volunteered public relations in nonprofit organizations, taught students and continued to study for a master in communication.