How the hire economy will change employement

How the hire economy will change employement

Noticed that the way we do business with other people is rapidly changing? Instead of calling cabs, more and more people use Uber to get from place to place. The same goes for accommodation and what Airbnb did to it and for daily life essentials with Rentuu. An increasing number of businesses is based on renting instead of buying goods and services. Let’s take a look at how this could affect employment in general.

  1. We will be turning more to outsourcing

Since businesses can use platforms to find employees, it seems safe to say they will be transformed by this. Instead of offering contract-based working opportunities, they might shift to outsourcing. This is already happening in numerous fields, but will likely continue trending. With this comes the next big change we will probably experience.

  1. We will have more gigs than traditional jobs

Have you noticed that there are more and more part-time jobs, one-time gigs and internships? It seems that the era of steady jobs is slowly coming to an end. Since employers can reduce their costs by outsourcing services, we might be entering an era of gigs. And that is not necessarily a bad thing.

  1. More people will work from home

One of the many consequences of the hire economy will be the change in how people work. Instead of getting up to go to the office every morning, more and more of us will be freelancers, getting one gig at a time and doing their job from home.

  1. Our employment opportunities will be more diverse

With the hire economy on the rise, there will be no need to create uniformed job positions. People seeking other people’s services will be able to ask for exactly what they need at any given moment. The result could be our employment opportunities becoming a lot more diverse.

  1. It will be easier to climb up the ladder

The hire economy is a much more flexible model than the one we are used to. This also means that our chances of building successful careers will improve. After all, success is inevitable if you have something other people are willing to buy.