How to help senior integration in the job market ?>

How to help senior integration in the job market

There is a lot of emphasis on how young people today struggle to find work. This is an important topic, but because of it, a lot of people tend to neglect that there are a great deal of senior professionals that are also struggling. Over 70% of seniors said that they find it hard to find and keep jobs. A vast majority of them find that they don’t want to put their date of birth on their CV, because they find it keeps them from getting employment. So what can be done about this problem and how can we help senior integration in the job market?

Well, the first thing to do is to organize courses for senior job seekers. The days when you sent your application in the mail or delivered it personally are over. It is challenging finding a job by simply looking in the ads. The world today is not the same as it was when seniors were younger, and a lot of seniors don’t know how to properly apply for jobs. Courses that help them deal with platforms such as LinkedIn and help them produce a PDF of their CV which they can send out would be of major assistance.

Another thing to do is to financing hearing aid for seniors. Hearing loss can be detrimental in the job market, and a lot of seniors suffer from partial, if not almost complete hearing loss. Companies find that replacing a senior employee who suffers from hearing loss is cost-efficient. That is why financing hearing aids would give them a hand in both searching for a job and keeping a job they already have.

Technology courses would also be beneficial in helping seniors adapt to the job market. Computer skills are a must in almost every job there is today, and a lot of seniors have only the most basic computer skills, if any. That is why it is important to organize IT classes, so that seniors who are experienced and can be useful in many jobs don’t fall through the cracks just because they aren’t computer proficient.