Inspirational Stories from Around the World

Inspirational Stories from Around the World

There is no denying that life can be tough, and that making your dreams come true is a difficult task. But it is certainly not an impossible one, which is why we are going to take this opportunity to talk about three people who have done some pretty amazing things.

Bethany Hamilton

Born and raised in Hawaii, Bethany learned to surf when she was still a child. And she was really good at it – people even called her the surfing prodigy. One day, at the age of 13, young Bethany went surfing somewhere off the coast of a place called Kauai, where she was attacked by a tiger shark. The accident resulted in her losing an entire arm, but if you think that stopped her from chasing her dream, you are wrong. Although at that point most people would simply give up, 13-year-old Bethany decided she was going to become a professional surfer anyway. Less than one month after the shark attack, she went back into the water and continued surfing. She is now 23 and a successful pro surfer.

Giovanni Rana

Giovanni’s story is about persistence, talent and creativity. This Italian pasta maker showed such talent in the kitchen that people soon started saying he was born holding a tortellino. Nevertheless, it took him time and effort to make his dream come true. He started his journey working in the family bakery, but soon took off to make tortellini in his own shop. He delivered his products on his scooter, showing tremendous persistence that finally paid off during the 1960s, when he managed to open his first company (today you can find the Giovanni Rana and Cucina on OpenTable). After realizing it was going to be a success, Giovanni devoted himself to designing machinery that replicates the hand movements of a pasta maker, which brought him even more recognition. To know more about him, visit Giovanni Rana profile’s on Twitter.

Narayanan Krishnan

Krishnan is an award-winning chef from Tamil Nadu. You might think he prepares his food for the rich who visit only 5-star hotels, but if so, you are wrong. This 29-year-old cook starts his day by waking up at 4 am, preparing a simple meal, loading it into a van and traveling about 200 kilometers to feed 400 homeless people. And he says he is living his dream.