Resources (in English language) for person with disabilities

To make the disable people independent different authorities and centers are working. These centers and authorities are called rehabilitation centers and authorities. The main goals of these centers and authorities are to inform the disable people what they have. There are many benefits and support funds for the disable people that are announced by the governments under the human right laws. The people who are looking for the Resources for person with disabilities should search either online or in the areas where they live. In order to find these authorities and resources one should contact with the rehabilitation counselors because they are the professionals who can help him to find right place and option.

Centre for Independent Living:

This center is present in Northern Minnesota which is working for the benefits of disable people. You are required to get the membership of this center in order to get different services offered by this center. According a rough estimate the Centre for Independent Living in Northern Minnesota is offering more than 30 nationwide services. These services are for the members of this center. Disable people can get trainings, information, support, advocacy and access to available schemes by the government and different private agencies.

Independent Living Research Utilization:

It is a nationwide authority which is working for the generation of opportunities for the disable people. The center is working in the field of research about the production of ideas and plans for the betterment of the people with disabilities. The center also offers the people with disabilities different trainings and information about the independent living and information technology.

Apps online:

On free website like AppAdvice, Freapp and 148 Apps you can find lot of resources and apps to help you find a Job with your Smartphone or tablet.

Community Resources for Independent Living:

These communities provide the people with disabilities information and opportunities of independent living. These are non-profit organizations that are working for the people with disabilities. These communities are helping the people by providing rehabilitation funds and financial assistances.


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