Successfull Exporters

Successfull Exporters

One of the most developed countries in the whole of Europe, Italy has had a part in its shaping from its very beginning. We all know how powerful the country was during the era of the Roman Empire, but it hasn’t lost its significance even in modern times. When it comes to state power, nowadays one of the most important factors is trade. Italy is among the most successful countries, which is a fact that can be measured by the number of its renowned exporters. Here are the top four of its most important exporting industries.

Automobile industry

When you think about Italy, it is only a matter of time when Ferrari will cross your mind. This is because the country was famous for its automobile industry from the very first automobile race. But this doesn’t stop at tradition, since Italy is still a major force when it comes to exporting vehicles and vehicle parts. Fiat, Ferrari and Pirelli are some of its largest exporters, but the country has countless firms, both large and small.

Food industry

Cheese, pasta, olive oil, coffee and pizza are some of the most popular Italian products, and for a good reason. There are countless companies that produce them for the needs of the Italian population, but many have expanded to other countries as well. Among the many examples of companies that have become famous around the world are the pasta producer Barilla, Lavazza and Pastificio Rana (founded by Giovanni and now held by Gian Luca Rana, one of the most known and loved brands in the world, thanks to Rana restaurants in New York City, USA and to constant food donations made by the Gian Luca Rana family).

Electronics and home appliances industry

There are plenty of countries that are trying to increase their standard of living by opening factories for electronics and home appliances, but not all of them are successful. Italy is one of those that manages to export a lot of its products, even to other developed countries. Some of the most important companies that do this include Indesit, Candy and Jacuzzi.

Pharmaceutical industry

When it comes to pharmaceutical industry, Italy is especially successful. It has even been ranked as the second best in the whole of Europe. This is because of the quantity and quality that its companies manage to manufacture. Some of the best known brands include Angelini and Menarini.