The importance of team building

The importance of team building

The Western culture is a culture of individualism. This is a fact that most people agree on. But if that’s really the case, then why are we constantly bombarded with the importance of team building, especially if we’re trying to build or maintain a business?

People are social beings. That’s something none of us can deny. Without our mutual efforts, we wouldn’t have gone as far as we have in terms of technological advancement. But now that we’ve come so far, shouldn’t it be possible for each and every one of us to do our jobs efficiently even when we’re doing them by ourselves? This is the question psychologists are answering with a definite “No”. What follows are the main reasons why it is so.

Motivated people work better

This is a no-brainer. In order to see how true it is, just imagine the following two people. Both are stacking bricks and connecting them with mortar. But there’s a very important difference between the two of them – the first doesn’t have a clue why they’re doing it, while the other knows they’re building a school for their children. The second person is highly motivated in doing what they do, which automatically makes them a much better worker. This leads us to the next most important reason why we should encourage team building.

Seeing the bigger picture affects motivation

In the example above, the second person was given essential information about the project they were working on. This allowed them to see the bigger picture, and in turn find their own motivation for doing it. This is where team building activities steps in. It’s not just about connecting people who already work with each other, but also about shifting their focus to the cause and goal they all have in common.

Competing with others makes us better at what we do

Apart from making people feel like they’re living in a sort of community, team building also helps them become better individuals. Having common goals in mind, as well as knowing what others are doing and how well they’re doing it, makes people want to do better than they did in the past. And that’s the biggest advantage of team building.