Canadian code of ethics For Rehabilitation Professionals

Canadian code of ethics For Rehabilitation Professionals

Value statement:

Respect the self-esteem, independence, self-government and rights of a person combined to form the Canadian code of ethics. These codes are the practices, teaching methods and research trainings that are given to the professionals who are willing to involve in the rehabilitation process. The innate value of the humans neither reduced by the religion, ethics, gender, martial status and any kind of abnormalities so the humans should be given priority and respect in all the fields of life. The Canadian codes of ethics for the rehabilitation professionals are not as simple as sound because there are many considerations that are difficult to be maintained when dealing with the people of different religions and sects.

Rehabilitation professional classically make obvious respect:

The rehabilitation professionals ensure their clients that they are fully attentive to them and noticing each and every thing either important or not. They try their best to make the clients easy and tension free by giving them hope. The rehabilitation professional use the languages that are easily understandable by the clients if they are from different countries. They ensure them that Canadian laws and legal rights of individuals are also for them so they can claim for those. The rehabilitation professionals are suggested to use soft tongue with their clients and they should avoid abusing the clients because it is against the Canadian codes of ethics. The clients should be given more choices so they can choose the best and easiest way for them.

Defenseless customers:

The rehabilitation professional support the people who are defenseless. The people who are disable to get their basic rights have chance to get them with the help of Canadian codes of ethics rehabilitation professionals. The code of ethics helps the professionals to recognize the people who really deserve for the rehabilitation process. In order to maintain the self-esteem and respect of the clients it is important to provide them some legal protections and guarantees. There are many other factors such as poverty, unemployment, age, disabilities and gender that are important to be considered when studying the Canadian codes of ethics for the rehabilitation professionals. These codes of ethics are basically to promote the sense of free living and basic human rights so these used be used to protect the basic human rights that are allowed by the Canadian laws and rules. So that’s the little story about the Canadian codes of ethics that are important for the rehabilitation professionals.


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